Choosing the system

Please consider the following information to guide your decisions
when starting a leafy-green-growing operation.


System comparison
Source: Green Automation



Getting the fundamentals right

The key to achieving sustainable and profitable leafy greens operations is to focus on efficiency in all aspects of the growing business. Three fundamental factors to carefully consider are...


fundamentals location

Strategic Location

  • Energy
  • Land
  • Labor

Choose the location of the growing operation with care. The location should be close to metropolitan areas or distribution centers. The site decision will have a significant impact on the cost. Look for strategic locations where land, energy, water, labor and transportation are available at low cost. Access to renewable forms of energy, such as geothermal energy, are optimal strategies. 

fundamentals scale

Economies of Scale

  • > 10 Acres / 4 HA

Room to grow. Ensure that there is room to expand and grow your operation at your strategic location. To achieve a competitive cost level, scaling up your production will be important. Think big and achieve even more.

fundamentals system

The Right Growing System

  • Space Efficiency/Plant Density
  • Labor Efficiency

Space Efficiency: Maximizing plant density (yield per area) is probably the single most important factor in successful growing operations. Competitive plant density requires a system which adjusts the spacing between the plants during the growing process, such as a moving gutter system. 

Labor Efficiency: An automated growing system will eliminate the need for repetitive manual labor, while ensuring constant and reliable fresh harvests. In addition, food safety can be lifted to the highest standards as no human hand will touch the leafy greens.



Once the Fundamentals are in Place

there are a range of opportunities to optimize the operations even further by introducing the newest AI, data analytics and control management programs. Please reach out to our team to discuss any questions you might have. We are here to help you grow – a lot.

Together, we can make fresh, safe, sustainable and locally grown leafy greens the new normal.