Our work does not end with an installed growing system. The Green Automation team offers continued support to our clients both during and after the warranty period.

To ensure your growing system performs, operates and delivers continuously, it is imperative to perform routine maintenance and cleaning, according to product information sheets and manuals. Part of maintenance is regular replacement of wear-and-tear parts.

To facilitate a two-way communication for ordering spare parts as well as trouble shooting, Green Automation has created the Green Automation Customer Portal. Each client has access to their company-specific Green Automation Portal.

  • Know it
    Manuals, Product information sheets
  • Solve it
    Support services (troubleshooting, chat, live video support)
  • Maintain it
    Order spare parts

Know It – Manuals and Product Information

Look up detailed information about your growing system in the electronic manuals and product information sheets

Solve It – Support Services

Chat with our technical support team through the portal for the fastest response and solution to an issue. Schedule a live video support call and take a virtual walk through the greenhouse with our technical support team to show, discuss and get answers to your questions.

Maintain It – Identify Spare Parts Needed

Access the detailed drawings of each machine and component in the growing system to identify the part you need to replace. Contact us to place a spare part order.    

Identify the part you need to replace

Customer portal, idetifying a part

Customer portal, identifying a part


Drawings can be looked at in normal view or exploded view, giving you access to every nut and bolt.

Customer portal, drawings

Customer portal, 3D