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Efficiency is the key to sustainable and profitable indoor farming.

Our automated hydroponic NFT growing systems have been designed with space, labor, energy and water efficiency in mind to achieve maximal yield while using fewer resources.

Space Efficiency

The green house area can be used to the full extent , resulting in maximum production per square meeter. 

The automatic gutter movement and distance adjustment ensures maximal usage of your greenhouse space and delivers unmatched plant density and yields. 

Labor Efficiency

A fully automated greenhouse operation minimizes labor needs.

You are taking a “hands-off approach” with the green automation system. From seeding to harvesting, no human labor is needed and no human hand touches the lettuce. 

Water and Energy Efficiency

The growing system primarily utilizes the most cost-effective energy source for the growing: the sun. Given its unmatched plant density, supplemental growing lights  are used with maximum efficiency per area. 

As in other hydroponic NFT systems, irrigation water is circulated, reducing water consumption by 95% compared to conventional farming. 

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A responsible and sustainable approach to growing leafy greens.

Green Automation - Food safety

Food Safety

Growing leafy greens in a controlled environment with an automated growing system ensures both a clean environment and a clean growing process.

No human hand touches the product during the entire growing cycle. You control what goes into the greenhouse and your leafy greens. It feels good to provide your customers with clean, safe and nutritious lettuce.

Feel good about your growing operations.

There are plenty of reasons to feel good about growing leafy greens grown with the Green Automation System.

Green Automation - Saving water

Saving Water

The Hydroponic NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) uses the irrigation water efficiently, recirculates unused water and thereby consumes up to 95% less water compared to conventional field farming. In addition, as this is a closed system, there is no run-off of fertilizer water into the ground. 

Green Automation - sunlight

Natural Sunlight

The sun is the best and cleanest light source there is. The leafy greens soak up the nurturing rays to the max.

Green Automation - No pesticides

No Pesticides

Growing in a controlled environment of the greenhouse can be done without the use of chemical pesticides such as insecticides, fungicides or herbicides. As such, lettuce is clean, with no damaging influence from external factors. Chlorine washes are not necessary. It feels good to provide your customers with clean, safe and nutritious leafy greens. 

Green Automation - Local

Locally Grown

With the help of our technology, you can bring the production closer to consumers, cut down transportation costs and emissions and provide your clients with truly fresh leafy greens. Truly fresh means; it was harvested within the last 24 hours, not a week ago.

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A proven and successful growing system.
Today and in the future.


Making fresh, sustainable and locally grown leafy greens the new normal.


Green Automation has been a pioneer in the industry of hydroponic lettuce and herb growing technology since 2002. Green Automation growers from around the world are reporting record yields using our patented growing systems. Annual yields of 50 to more than 100 kg/m2 (~10-20 lbs/sq. ft.) can be achieved. With our automated systems, growers can harvest dependable high yields and deliver constant high-quality produce. Successful operations are motivating greenhouse owners to expand their businesses and grow more.


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